Hangology Custom Headboard FAQs

Why is my welt cord trim wavy?

A slight waviness of the welt edge is natural due to the soft nature of our headboards.

Why is my fabric wrinkled?

Some fabrics have a wrinkling characteristic. If you experience wrinkles in your headboard, simply use an iron at the desired temperature to remove wrinkles (Please check fabric content for proper temperature setting) or you may elect to let the wrinkles level out as the fabric relaxes.

Why is my headboard wider than my mattress?

Our headboards are manufactured 2 inches wider than most mattresses. Therefore position your headboard with your mattress allowing approximately 1 inch overhang on each side.

Where can I apply my headboard?

Apply only to smooth, primed, flat or eggshell painted drywall or plaster wall surfaces. if your wall has recently been painted, please allow at least 48 hours before applying headboard.

Can I apply my headboard to any wall?

Do not adhere to wallpaper, concrete, brick, block, stucco, wood, and semi-gloss & gloss painted surfaces.

When I remove my headboard, will it damage my wall?

Hangology’s patent pending adhesive will not damage smooth, primed, flat or eggshell painted drywall or plaster wall surfaces.

How long will it take to receive my custom headboard?

Your custom headboard will ship in four (4) weeks plus UPS transit time. When your order has shipped you will be notified by email with your UPS tracking number.

Can I order a fabric swatch?

We recommend you order a swatch before placing your order to confirm color and texture. For your convenience we offer all our fabric swatches free of charge; however, there is a $5.95 shipping and processing fee, limit 5 swatches. Swatches ship via USPS.

How do I install my headboard?

See Installation Instructions.

How many times can I reposition my headboard during installation?

The adhesive backing on your headboard has been designed to allow repositioning of your headboard three (3) times during installation.

How many times can I relocate my headboard?

Your headboard may be relocated two (2) times.

What do I do when my adhesive is no longer effective?

If and when your adhesive is no longer effective, you can order a replacement by clicking here

How do I clean or care for my headboard?

Most of our fabrics are professional dry clean or solvent based cleaning. To remove dust, lightly brush or vacuum your headboard on a regular basis. For detailed care instructions, please visit the specific fabric item page on our website or contact customer care at 855-610-4263 or email info@hangology.com with your fabric information.

What do I do if my headboard is damaged in shipment or defective?

Upon receipt, please carefully inspect your order for damages or defects and notify us within five (5) business days of receipt. Replacements or exchanges will not be authorized after five (5) business days of receipt of your item. Please contact customer care at 855-610-4264 or email info@hangology.com and a representative will be glad to assist with a replacement.