It's So Easy!

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Your headboard is the most important design element in your bedroom. Creating a focal point and grounding your bed.

Unlike wood, an upholstered headboard offers comfort while curled up binge-watching your favorite series or reading a spellbinding book.

With Hangology’s collection of unique headboard silhouettes and array of fabrics you can design the focal point of your dreams. The 1 ¾” soft core offers the perfect spot to rest your head. Hangology’s lightweight headboard coupled with its patent pending adhesive makes it easy to install in less than 5 minutes with no assembly and no tools required…. Just Peel & Stick!

Moving? Redecorating? No Problem, our Hangology headboard removes easily without leaving a residue or damage to the wall, and the adhesive quality allows you to move it Here, There or Anywhere!

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